5 top tips for your wedding morning with MEEKA

5 top tips for your wedding morning with MEEKA

We spoke with Micaela from MEEKA to get her 5 top tips for getting ready on the morning of your wedding to ensure the day goes smoothly!

MEEKA  offers beautifully handcrafted sustainable dreamwear for sleep, the lounge and & most importantly the wedding day. 



1. Make sure to purchase getting ready pjyamas that suit the climate of your wedding location

 If you know you are having a wedding abroad or a peak summer wedding make sure to choose wedding day pj’s that are light, comfortable and made out of a breathable fabric such as 100% organic cotton. The last thing you want is to feel sticky and sweaty while getting ready on your day! P.s if your buying anything from MEEKA this will be one less thing to worry about. 


2. Make sure to carefully select the location you will be getting ready

Getting ready with your girls on your wedding morning is one of the most special times throughout the day! And its also become a staple to have ‘cool’ getting ready photos with your girls.  The biggest tip when selecting a getting ready room is LIGHT + SPACE! Good lighting It will make all your morning photos look amazing! It’s also equally important for the make up artist to have good natural light.


3. Create a schedule for make up and Hair

Its always best to have allocated timeslots for which person should be doing their make-up and hair at which time. It likely will not run to time – but at least everyone knows who is  next and avoids confusion on the day! (your Hair and make-up artists will thank you for this one – trust me!)


4. Always steam all your garments the night before and not the day of!

 I’ve seen it so many times before where the whole wedding party is scrambling the morning of trying to share the iron or steamer to get all the Robes and bridesmaid dresses steamed. Make sure to ask your girls to do this the day before – it creates so much more time to relax and sip on bubbly instead of doing chores.


5. Make sure to EAT! 

Its going to be a full on day with adrenaline pumping from start to finish – you’ll be surprised on how many calories you are burning so make sure to EAT! I also had 2 glasses of champagne to kill the nerves that is a must!


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