Rewritten top tips on how to style your bridesmaids

Rewritten top tips on how to style your bridesmaids

We chatted with Rewritten to get their top tips on how you should style your bridesmaids. 

The biggest wedding trend there is - mismatched bridesmaids, is here to stay! Remember when bridesmaids used to all wear the same dress in the same colour? Well, those days are long gone!


Here are our top tips on how to style your bridesmaids -

One style DOESN'T suit all

We are inclusive of size and shape and encourage your bridesmaids to show off their personality through our collection. With a selection different styles in block colours, we're sure your bridesmaids will choose something they really love and will want to wear again after the wedding. Ranging from slip style dresses to wrap dresses with a sleeve, we truly believe there is something for everyone.


Throw in a trouser

Want to wear a flattering jumpsuit in a bold colour you love, why the hell shouldn’t you? Our Soho jumpsuit comes in our best selling shades so you can mix this into your bridesmaid look.


Mismatched bridesmaids

It's one thing choosing one colour and your girls wearing different styles, but have you ever thought about a tonal or contrasting mix of colour? Mix our shades of green satin together for a subtle mismatched approach, or go bold and mix Burnt Orange Satin with Chianti crepe for a warm look.



We love seeing how our dresses are styled, but as huge advocates of a mix and match and showing off your personality, we love it when you girls all style your dresses a little bit differently to each other. Does one of your bridesmaids want to wear a chunky heel and some simple gold jewellery? And does another want to wear a nude stiletto and some small hoops. As long as its a look you appreciate and its not too out there for you, then why not?!


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