Why choose dried flowers for your wedding from our resident florist, Horseshoe Flowers

Why choose dried flowers for your wedding from our resident florist, Horseshoe Flowers

We chatted with dried and preserved wedding florist, Sarah Ogden from Horseshoe Flowers, to get her thoughts on the benefits of using dried flowers for your wedding, how to get the most from your flowers and when is the best time to get wheels in motion for booking your florist. Here's what we learnt...
So, what are the benefits of choosing dried and preserved flowers for your wedding? 
Horseshoe Flowers
1) Dried flowers live on long after your wedding

The main and most exciting benefit of choosing dried and preserved flowers for your wedding is that you get to keep the flowers long after the wedding. The single most common comment I get from couples is that they want to keep their bouquet. Choosing dried and preserved flowers allows you to do just that. In addition, you can gift the bridesmaids their bouquets, family members can take table decor home and the groomsmen will have their own little bouttoniere keepsake too.


2) You know what you're getting

With dried and preserved wedding flowers you can see your bouquet weeks before the wedding, be a part of the design process, making any changes and tweaks along the way, and there are no nasty surprises on the big day. Since the flowers we will use are kept in stock, we are able to see what your bouquets will actually look like, make them up to review and get your input along the way.


3) Dried flowers have so many looks and styles

There are so many varieties and different looks to try with dried and preserved flowers.

There are lots of dried flowers that have a very uniquely dried look- so think pampas grasses, bunny tails and feather grasses. These can be combined with preserved flowers to give you the look of fresh flowers, but having that bonus of being able to be kept long after the wedding- this combination is a really unusual look and gives you a definite wow factor.

You could also go for a more classic dried flower look- lots of bright and bold colours, or natural dried tones. There really is no limit for your colour choice!

Finally, you could opt for preserved flowers and preserved foliage- a look that totally mimics fresh flowers, without the worry of wilting flowers on the big day, and the ability to keep for years after.

In addition, there are all kinds of colours and there is no limit to the flowers available at different times of the year, no need to worry about seasonality with dried flowers.


4) You can really add drama with dried flowers 
Dried flowers really lend themselves to more extravagant and eye-catching designs. Whether it is the deep saturated colours you love, or the big fluffy pampas components- drama is what we are best at!
Since there is no need for heavy water vessels, we can create large hanging installations or archways that won't wilt throughout the day.


5) Dried flowers are really versatile

Dried flowers are really versatile as you don’t need to worry about drooping flowers, so if you fancy flower crowns and hair slides, opting for dried and preserved flowers is a perfect way to make sure your flowers look as good at the end of the day as when you start out.   

Other benefits are they can be easily moved about the venue (no spilling of water!) and used in different spaces to maximise the use of your flowers.

You can also receive your order weeks in advance of your wedding, taking a huge stress out of your special day.


6) Dried flowers are ideal for destination weddings

Dried flowers are perfect for taking abroad, since you don’t have to choose an available florist suggested by your venue and you can work with us to get exactly what you are looking for.

We box everything up in boxes that are the perfect size for the overhead bins and separate into separate boxes for the bridal party to carry on board.  

We have had couples take their wedding flowers overseas for their first wedding and reuse everything again for their UK second celebrations.


7) If we have availability there are short lead times on our orders
If we have the space to make your order, we don't need a lot of notice and can plan your florals in as little as 6 weeks. We keep a huge stock of a rainbow of colours and styles so we are able to put together a look for you very quickly. We will show you in advance, what your floral combination will look like- showing you photos of all the flowers we will use.
We hope that has given you a little insight into the wonderful world of dried and preserved flowers and all the benefits and possibilities. Should you wish to find out more you can visit Horseshoe Flowers at The Aisle Edit and see some of their work in person (including some pretty epic installations!) Or reach out to Sarah directly to set up an appointment- sarah@horseshoeflowers.com
For more ideas visit their website here
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