Harper Laine top tips on choosing a mother of the bride outfit

Harper Laine top tips on choosing a mother of the bride outfit

Charlotte interviewed mother of the bride brand, Harper Laine to hear the story behind the brand and top tips for when it comes to choosing a mother of the bride outfit. 

Sophie says...

When myself and my husband began to grow our family we had a long list of names to chose from and after being blessed with our 4 beautiful boys we came to the realisation that the pink side of that list would never be used. 

Harper has always been a name we both loved and Laine was always going to be a middle name and this was to be in honour of my lovely mum Elaine. She has been the most important influential female figure in my life and to her I owe more than I could ever thank her for and I could not think of a better name for this, the next a addition to our family.

When looking for a designer I came across the couture club collection while researching and was really drawn in by the variety of designs they offer. The bright colours and luxurious fabrics are something to be seen. They really do have something for everyone and in a great range of sizes.


Let's explore top tips for choosing your mother of the bride outfit:


Comfort is key 

First and foremost, find something that you will be comfortable in. It’s an important day, your child is getting married, you do not need anything distracting you from the significance of the day so comfort and confidence is key.


Try a range of styles

Do not stick to one particular style, take your time and try a range of styles to find what best suits you and your body type. Be open minded, try something you wouldn’t normally go for, don’t limit yourself, you never know you could be pleasantly surprised.


Always take someone with you 

Always take a plus one (or two) to your appointment, someone who knows you well and will give you an honest opinion on what suits you best. Trust your people.


Complimenting the bridal party 

Think about complimenting the rest of the bridal party, take into account the colours and tones of the bridesmaid dresses, as well as the colour chosen by the other mother of the bride/groom. The last thing you would want is to have a clash of colours on the day plus complimenting colours are going to photograph so nicely together.


Less is more

Simple elegance is key. The good old saying less is more applies when choosing  your accessories. If you choose an outfit with bold pattern then accessorise with a plain coloured fascinator that picks out one of the colours of your outfit. Alternatively if your outfit is plain in colour think about accessorising in a contrasting colour that would compliment and Remember there’s always room for bling but be subtle, let the outfit speak for itself.


Enjoy the process

Finally, Enjoy the process. The build up to your child’s special day should be memorable for all the right reasons. It doesn’t need to be a time of stress, take your time, try not to get overwhelmed there’s no rush to choose and no limit to how many appointments you can have. 

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