How to plan a hen party with Team Hen

How to plan a hen party with Team Hen

If you’ve been lying awake at night, your brow soaked with sweat as you mentally go over the logistics of how to plan a hen party for 32 guests all with varying dietary requirements, panic not. A better nights sleep is mere minutes away (i.e. after you’ve read, saved - and potentially laminated - this blog post by hen party connoisseurs Team Hen).

Celebrated across the industry for their carefully curated array of modern hen party wares, Team Hen’s digital shelves are literally bulging with coveted hen party gifts, favours, decorations, gram-worthy tableware, cute ice-breaker games - and practically anything else you can think of. And, after nine years in the business, you can bet they also know a thing or two about the art of planning a hen party. Read on - your pen and notepad poised - for their top ten tips on how to plan the ultimate hen party for the
modern bride...

#1 It’s ALL about the bride...
...and you’d better not forget it! It’s your duty as the Maid of Honour to nail this for your bride, so ditch any outlandish ideas you may have dreamt up that don’t fit in with her hen party thought process (or the dedicated Pinterest board she’s already shared with you) and focus purely on what she wants. Plus, pre-planning its definitely a good idea to sit down with your bride and run through themes/ideas/locations that she does and doesn’t like (and it’ll make your job a whole lot easier too).

#2 The Guest List
Believe it or not, figuring out the guest list for the hen party is quite a feat (and, we feel, should be awarded with some type of accolade and/or cake). During your initial chat with the bride-to-be, make sure to clarify who she wants to invite. Will it be friends and family, or just friends? And from which friend groups? If the friend/family element is causing stress, don’t be afraid to suggest a main hen party, followed swiftly by a more low-key get together for family members post-hen. This guest list can, of course, be all noted down beautifully using our handy hardback Bridesmaid Planner, a soft touch embossed notebook with 160 lined pages just waiting to be filled.


#3 When & Where?
When it comes to setting a date for the hen party, the key is to be quick, organised and open-minded. Plan to organise the event for around 4-6 weeks before the wedding (as often, those weekends leading up to the big day itself will be filled with last minute appointments, fittings etc.). Set up the WhatsApp Group chat and throw two or three dates out there to see who can manage what. Once there’s a date in the bag, your next move is to pinpoint a location and book accommodation. Will you be jet-setting off to warmer climates or celebrating her engaged status somewhere in the UK? And, don’t forget, if some guests can’t make it there’s always the option to throw a smaller, low-key celebration post-hen at home.

P.S. If you’re heading abroad, keep all your bride’s important documents together with our nifty Bride Travel Pouch!


#4 The BIG one: BUDGET
If you’re able to get rough quotes out to the hens ASAP in the initial hen party planning stages - do it. This way you’ll be able to get a feel for what type of budget everyone’s happy to stick to, and plan accordingly. Set up a WhatsApp Group, share a Google Doc and keep everything super clear and organised. Think about offering up options for those who can’t make the whole event - they might be able to stop by for the evening drinks and dinner, or drop in for the Sunday brunch. Make sure everyone knows how much they
need to pay and when it needs to be paid by (no one wants to put down a hefty deposit on a sprawling country house by themselves). And, don’t forget to make sure everyone knows what they’re paying for, be it a gift for the bride, transport between activities or a set menu at a restaurant. This way, they’ll be no furrowed brows over the champagne at the event itself.


#5 Theme
You might have secretly awarded yourself with the title ‘Hen Party Theme Queen’, but does the bride actually want a theme? And, if so, what is it? If she’s been endlessly tagging you in Emily In Paris posts on the gram, then run with it. But, if you’re thinking Harry Potter but she’s never read it, think again. Asking her to share a hen party-inspired Pinterest board with you before you take the reins is definitely an efficient way of finding out what she wants.


#6 Games
Games: the ultimate ice-breaker! Throwing together a bunch of people that may have never met each other before can be - at times - a little anxiety-inducing. Luckily for you, Team Hen’s selection of hen party games and some of the old favourites (including Mr and Mrs, Charades and Pictionary) will expertly break the ice, so you don’t have to.


#7 Gifts
With a gorgeous array of covetable (and affordable) bride-to-be gifts available at Team Hen, showering your bride with sumptuous bridal accessories and favours won’t be a problem. Plus, don’t forget to pull together a little something that involves all the hens. From writing down the way you met the bride in a hen party guest book, to stuffing creative date night ideas in a jar - the options are endless!


#8 Get organised!
We’re talking spreadsheets, notepads, clipboards, headsets à la Monica from Friends - you name it. Being organised with the hen party planning is key (and will save you a lot of stress in the long run). Wherever you’re heading - be it Marbella or Manchester - make sure you pre-book all restaurants (and are aware of all dietary requirements beforehand) and activities. Turning up to a restaurant with 47 hens in-tow and no reservation is a big no-no.


#9 Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!
Don’t forget to ask for help. Not only will this stop you from losing the plot (and shouting out random hen party-related words in the night and disturbing your neighbours) but you’ll spread the planning joy amongst the other hens who will want to do their bit! If Denise is a whizz at baking, let her design and bake the custom hen party cake! If Louise loves handling a Google Doc, let her loose!


#10 Make a checklist...
...with our stunning Maid of Honour Pen or download Team Hen’s Hen Party Planning Checklist. It’s a no-brainer, plus there’s a whole load of other hen party resources available on the Team Hen website to help you plan that DREAM hen party. What are you waiting for?

Discover more hen party planning tips, gifts and accessories at Team Hen.

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